As a creative studio we are working on the development of sustainable and contemporary concepts where stories and crafts have a strong focus. With our products we want to show that tradition and innovation go hand in hand. We explore the dimension of flowers in modern homes and spaces, giving them new meaning in our daily lives. By learning from forgotten traditions and experimenting with new products with a natural content. We create new perspectives and interpretations on our relationship with nature and seasons.

At Blomsterkrans we offer flower wreaths that are different from traditional wreaths; they are lively, natural and above all, very stylish. Blomsterkrans is Norwegian for flower wreath. In Norway and other Scandinavian countries, women traditionally make floral wreaths to wear in their hair for the magic Midsummer’s Day. But there are many more traditions in which flower wreaths play an important role. At Blomsterkrans we combine design and tradition, while meeting the demands of current lifestyles. Our wreaths are made to order and delivered straight to your home, anywhere in the EU.

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